Commercial Surveillance Systems


Camera Maintenance

HandyVets keeps your commercial property as safe as possible by specializing in installing, maintaining, troubleshooting, repairing, and replacing surveillance camera systems, including wireless, IP, and hardwired. We offer a free consultation to discuss your surveillance needs and then create a custom system to meet them. This could be as simple as a few cameras and a DVR, or as complex as improved lighting and a 32+ channel system that can be controlled remotely, or anything in between.


Year 1: Parts and Labor + Annual Service Plan included

Year 2 & Beyond: Parts if covered under manufacturer’s warranty + Option to purchase Annual Service Plan

*Warranty is only applicable on surveillance systems purchased through us.


To help you protect your security investment—and property—HandyVets offers service plans designed to extend the life of your cameras and DVR.

Our Annual Service Plan includes 3 service calls annually to:

Control Panel for Surveillance System

Control Panel for Surveillance System

  • Clean lenses
  • Re-focus cameras
  • Check & clean DVR
  • Check interior & exterior connections
  • Clean power supply
  • Modify systems settings as needed

Service plan prices vary by system specifications and what is required to maintain the system. Annual Service Plan members receive service labor at a reduced rate for trouble service calls.

*Annual service plans are only available for systems purchased through us OR for systems we install and program for you.

** We can install systems from the big box store.

2 Installation Options:

  1. HandyVets runs the wire & customer programs the system with customer service
  2. HandyVets runs the wire & coordinates with customer service to program the system


  • Magnetic door locks
  • Front door intercom systems
  • Improved lighting
  • Fire protection systems & control panels (Commercial Only)
  • Control from mobile devices
  • Hidden cameras

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!


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